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The Awareness Center is located at 633C Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Village, on Sally's Alley across from the Zen Room yoga studio.

You can reach us either from Brevard Avenue or from John Garren Lane. We are on the west end of the alley (click for map).

To get in touch with one of us to make appointments or for more information:

Dawn: To contact Dawn, call 321-261-5975 or email or click here for her bio.

Eileen: To contact Eileen, call 321-431-9916 click here for her bio.

Ursula: To contact Ursula, call 321-609-1032 or email or click here for her bio.


Dawn C. Meyer, LMT, CFMW

Dawn C. Meyer

Dawn is a person of many talents and a Dealer in Possibilities. She is a :

Dawn's webpage is where she has her blog, clearing statements, media and more.

Dawn teaches all levels of Holy Fire II Usui Reiki and Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki and is an affiliate member of The International Center for Reiki Training. She also teaches Reiki for NCBTMB and Florida Approved CEUs.

She uses Access Consciousness® and Reiki on everything every day - people, objects, pets, situations .... everything. They are wonderful, powerful practices and a great way of life!

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Dawn offers relaxation, Swedish and therapeutic massage as well as Cranial Sacral Techniques.

Access Consciousness

As an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Dawn's Access Consciousness® modalities include Access Consciousness Bars® (The Bars®) sessions and classes, Access Consciousness Body Process® sessions and classes including MTVSS (Molecular Trans-Valence Sloughing System) , Cellular Memory and Trauma Release , Biomimetic Mimicry and many others, as well as coaching/facilitation.

Her other modalities include sound (tuning forks and bowls), Axiatonal Alignment, crystal therapy and other energy therapies.

Dawn is a member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association and an affiliate member of The International Center for Reiki Training and a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Please contact Dawn for classes or healing sessions -- call 321-261-5975 or email

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Zen Ranch

Eileen Tighe, LMT

Eileen Tighe, LMT (MA40320) offers Energy Wellness and Life Purpose Hand Analysis and Coaching on Mondays at the Awareness Center.

Eclectic, down-to-earth, natural, granola-like mixture of serious business, experience and skills combined with bits of pure horseplay and a healthy portion of horse sense best describes Eileen.

Her background, experience and creativity brings a fresh perspective to challenges, and her personal style affords a friendly atmosphere to create positive forward motion.

Eileen is an energy and well-being specialist as well as a licensed massage therapist with two decades of experience in international corporate leadership development and communication. She was recognized by American Society of Training as an expert in the field. She is licensed and certified, dedicated to joy, growth and well-being for people, places and pets.

"My mission," says Eileen, "is to assist people to Relax & Recharge so they can fully experience, explore and expand their gifts and talents."

Contact Eileen for more information, details or to schedule an appointment, 321-431-9916

Click here for more info on Eileen and Life Purpose Hand Analysis and Coaching


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Zen Ranch

Rev. Ursula Rau, RN, BSN

Ursula is the Founder of The Overself Activation.

I had an encounter with the Great Light at a very young age. This experience allowed me to see and experience the world through the eyes of unconditional Love. This led me to pursue a carrier in nursing, that gave me the opportunity for inner growth, and help others. Later I became an ordained minister through the Alliance of Divine Love Healing Ministry, an interfaith organization that focuses on uniting, and embracing all of humanity. I'm currently a hospice nurse, which has expanded my understanding of the need for change in the human heart.

In my search for knowledge and wisdom, I have traveled to many sacred places in the world, such as the pyramids in Mexico, and Peru. Machupichu, Sedona, The Great Pyramid of Gyza, and the temples along the Nile, Israel, and many others...

Overself ActivationThrough my experiences, I feel I have awoken to a new reality. I feel blessed to remember my mission and purpose. I come from a lineage of healers, seers.

I am a direct descendant of the Inca Great civilization of Peru. I am here to be a conduit for the Great Light, to help the shift of consciousness, through the presence of Love. As many will be chosen, few will respond to the call. I chose to respond.

The Overself Activation developed within me, as I continued to become attuned with my spiritual gifts. As the gifts surfaced, I continued to search for knowledge to put words to was beginning to take place, and what has now become a fully integrated practice to bring us closer to our Higher selves.

Ursula is also certified under Dr. Eric Pearl's The Reconnection.

To contact Ursula for more information, details or to schedule an appointment, call 321-609-1032 or email

Visit her Facebook page







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Florida State Massage Therapy Association .  The International Center for Reiki Training NCBTMB Approved CE Provider Access Consciousness